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Water Trucks

ID Fabrication offer a wealth of knowledge in the fabrication and commission of our range of water trucks. With capacity from 8,000L up to 38,000L these units are suited for dust suppression on construction and mining sites. They also provide support in a fire emergency response through  top mounted hydraulic water cannons that can pump up to 2,800L per minute via controls in the cab.

Over the years we have continued to refine the shape, functionality, stability and durability of our water carts. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and deliver specific units suited to individual needs

Design. The units have been internally designed and backed up with 3rd  party design certification as well as finte element analysis reports to ensure structural integrity and long term performance

Quality. The quality of workmanship is second to none. We engage hydraulic specialists and handle every aspect, internally from fabrication to fit out and electrical

Equipment. The units as standard come complete with a rear spray manifold, fill outlet, hose reel, full access system to the roof, hydraulic hydro cannon and a fully automated control panel in the cab

Optional extras include batter sprayers, front manifold with 2 spray heads, pneumatic fold down handrail system.









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