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Water and Wastewater Infrastructure 

Bolivar WWTP - Access Platforms 

Client: Allwater | Head Contractor: York Civil | $770k | Adelaide, SA  |June 2014 - Sep 2015 

ID Fabrication were engaged to supply and install all the access platforms for the upgrade for the Bolivar Waste Water Treatment Plant.

ID Fabrication successfully collaborated with the head contractor and plant operator, Allwater, to ensure the installation was completed safely and on time.

Hope Valley Tanks Upgrade

Client: SA Water | Head Contractor:  York Civil | $1.3 million | Adelaide, SA | Oct 2016-April 2018

The Hope Valley Tank Upgrade was required after a partial roof collapse. The roofed concrete tank is 175m wide, 125m long and has 10m high sloping walls – an underground footprint the size of a soccer field - and is the largest single-cell potable water storage tank in the state. The concrete structure that supports the roof – 117 columns, numerous girders, rafters and purlins - had degraded considerably and was found to no longer be fit for purpose. ID Fabrication successfully collaborated with head contractor, York Civil, to develop safe and innovative ways to remove the old concrete composite roof (which weighed over 2,300 tonnes). The new roof is 220 tonnes of structural steel.

Custom Work Box: The 22,000m2 roof on the Hope Valley Tank had to be deconstructed entirely from above due to the potential for collapse. With up to 4,000 manhours worked from within work boxes suspended from cranes, the safety, comfort and efficiency of the crew in the work box was identified as a high priority, and key to the success of the project.

Through early consultation with the work crew, supervisors and engineers ID Fabrication fabricated a custom work box to provide a safe, comfortable workplace for the deconstruction crew. Incorporating a 400mm wide access hatch in the floor, wall cut-outs and a large 6m x 1.5m footprint, the work box allowed the crew to work safely, comfortably and efficiently. Lockable hatches on the floor, allowed safe access to the roof structure without leaning out of the work box. Space for tools, PPE, water, spares, rigging equipment and emergency/first aid supplies was provided without restricting work area. The large working area also minimised crane movements.

ID Fab also provided shop drawings and fabrication of structural steel elements including the roof structural beams, roof connection plates, wall beams and roof access handrails and walkways.

Queensbury Waste Water Pump Station Project

Client: SA Water  | $560K | Adelaide, SA | July 2013 – December 2014


ID Fabrication were engaged on the Queensbury Pump Station Revitalisation Project which involved the structural building, housing all pipework and access structures. In a congested construction site with multiple interfaces, ID Fabrication provided support and flexibility to the client ensuring works were completed safely and on time.

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