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Defence Infrastructure 

Tech Port Temp Wharf 

Client: Defence SA | Head Contractor: York Civil | $137K | Aug - Oct 2016 | Osborne, SA 

The Techport Common User Facility was extended through the addition of two 11.2m long and 10m wide extensions at each end. 
ID Fab were engaged by the head contractor to design, supply, fabricate and install: 

- twelve pile caps
- north and south precast support structural steel work
- 64 lineal meters of hand rails and barriers (involving hot dip galvanizing)
- Fender backing boards including protective coating (supply only)  


A primary requirement of the wharf extension contract was the works were to be undertaken without impacting the facilities activities. ID Fab proactively  collaborated with the head contractor and client to meet all requirements of schedule, quality, cost without impacting the operations of the facility

CUF Pipe Kiosks

Client: Defence SA | $65K | Apr - S 2016 | Osborne, SA 

ID Fabrication were engaged to design, fabricate and install a pipe kiosk at the Techport Common User Facility. Works included galvanising of the main frame, spigots and spigot support angles, aluminium stanchions, hand rails and gates. Do to the marine environment surface protection and treatment was applied to avoid corrosion. 

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