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Marine Infrastructure 

Margaret Dowling and Bank J Regulator Structures

Asset Owner: DEWNR | Client: York Civil | $30,000 | Riverland, SA | April 2017

The project involved the construction of new flow regulating infrastructure and road and pedestrian bridges at Margaret Dowling and Bank J in the Pike and Katfish Reach Floodplains.

ID Fabrication were engaged by the head contractor, York Civil, to provide shop drawings, supply and fabricate the stainless steel regulator and fishway baffles,  structural steel beams and pedestrian bridge hand rails and walkways.

Fremantle Bridge Pier Protection

Client: York and Marine Civil JV | $570K | Fremantle, WA | July - September 2015 

The Fremantle Road and Rail Bridge Strengthening Project involved pier strengthening works at Fremantle’s
traffic and rail bridges over the Swan

ID Fabrication were engaged to supply four steel jacks
weighing 23Tn each. The jackets will act as fenders for
the Fremantle rail bridge and protect the concrete piers
against passing ships

Glenelg Gates Refurbishment

Client: DEWNR | $500K
Glenelg, SA | April 2014 to October 2014


The Glenelg Gates provide critical services including mitigating flooding from sea storm surge and storm water flood flows. The main project objective included improving the reliability and safety of the gates and extending the operating life of the structure. 


ID Fabrication were engaged to fabricate, supply and install galvanised hand rails, infill panels for stop log guides, structural steel framing for the lock walkway extension, fabrication of two removable lock walkway platforms and supply and coat 16m circular steel piles.


Works also included the remediation of  damaged weir gates to be immersed in sea water. This involved the application of protective coatings. 

River Bank Palais 

Client: Adelaide Festival | Feb-Mar 2017|  Adelaide, SA 


The Riverbank Palais event was a highlight of the Adelaide Festival.

ID Fabrication were engaged to supply, fabricate and construct the superstructure for the pontoon the event was held on.  Over 400Tn of pontoons and supporting steel work went into the manufacture of the 14 pontoon superstructures.

Over 5000 man hours went into the manufacture and construction of the Palais with zero lost time injuries. 

With a tight time frame set by the client, ID Fabrication collaborated effectively with our designers WGA to develop innovative and time saving construction techniques. ID Fab are very proud to be involved in such a prestigious project.

Pike Floodplain Regulator

Asset Owner: DEWNR | $190K | Riverland, SA | March 2015- April 2015 


As part of the Murray River Riverine Recovery Project  new regulating infrastructure within the Pike Floodplain was constructed. ID Fabrication were engaged for the design, fabrication and commissioning of eight aluminium drop board gates and a self-engaging lifting frame for  the housing of the drop boards.  

Deep Creek Regulator 

Asset Owner: DEWNR | $90K | Riverland, SA | September - October 2014

As part of the Murray River Riverine Recovery Project  a vertical slot fishway and a 7m bridge and regulator was constructed. ID Fabrication were engaged for the design, fabrication and supply of six vertical slot baffles, two walkways, an electrical cabinet steel platform, grid mesh and hand rails. 

Broome Wharf Extension of Life 

Asset Owner: Kimberley Ports Authority| $195k | January - June 2016 | Broome, WA 


The Port of Broome Wharf is a the principal deep water port servicing the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Significant renovation works were required to extend the life of the wharf which was constructed in the 1960's. 

ID Fabrication were engaged to fabricate, supply and install headstock stiffners, "T" beams, longitudinal beams, access platforms and handrails. Works were successfully completed over water with workers obtaining Maritime Security Identification Cards. ID Fabrication collaborated with head contractor and client and ensured works did not disrupt port operations.   

Chowilla Regulators Project

Asset Owner: Murray Darling Basin Authority | $630K |  Renmark, SA |
October 2010 - June 2014 


The Chowilla Regulators project was constructed as part of the Living Murray program, the largest river restoration program in Australia. This involved the construction of a 85m long 14-bay weir structure and four associated flow regulators. 


ID Fabrication were engaged to complete the stainless and structural works which included stainless steel guides for the concrete stop logs, access stairs and hand railing, and temporary works structures involving structural beams and railing to support the 50T crane installing concrete stop logs. 

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