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Architectural Steel 

NEXY Snake Wall 

As part of the 23km long Northern Expressway project ID Fabrication were engaged to fabricate and install a 500m long architectural noise wall, known as the Snake Wall. The design intent replicates the Red Bellied Black Snake, a homage to the Kaurna Aboriginal community that called the land around the Northern expressway 'Snake Country'. Over 200t of weathered steel was used to create the iconic structure  

T2T Cedar Ave Pedestrian Bridge 

ID Fabrication were engaged to fabricate and install the Cedar Ave Pedestrian Bridge. The 30m long and steel super structure weighed a total of 40t and was successfully installed by the ID Fab team without incident. Works involved architectural anti throw screens and the design and construct of temporary works to facilitate the heavy lift of the superstructure. Extensive planning and a comprehensive lift study was completed by the team, in collaboration with the client and stakeholders, to ensure the superstructure could safely be transported from the fabrication facility to site. To minimise interruption to residents and commuters the lift and installation of the bridge was completed at night under traffic management.

T2T Noise Wall 

Up against challenging time frames and working adjacent to a rail corridor ID Fab successfully fabricated and installed over 600m of architectural noise walls to improve the visual amenity for residents. 

Adelaide Festival Barge 

ID Fabrication were engaged to supply, fabricate and construct the superstructure for the pontoon the event was held on.  Over 400Tn of pontoons and supporting steel work went into the manufacture of the 14 pontoon superstructures.

After the event the pontoon superstructure was clad with timber decking to transform the structure into a multipurpose event space.

Over 5000 man hours went into the manufacture and construction of the Palais with zero lost time injuries

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