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Quality and Project management

ID Fabrication have a very strict and well implemented quality management system that is accredited to ISO9001 our focus over the past 6 years has been to cement ID Fab as one of the leaders in fabrication in Adelaide we began by gaining our accreditations in quality safety and environmental management which we successfully executed in 2014 from there we developed our procedures in a way that the workshop and site crews could understand and implement in a fast paced work environment,

By use of our NCR system we were able to review and adjust our procedures to ensure all aspects of design through to site install and handover are covered in our system manual,

Then we worked on breaking off the key information required on the shop floor and sites and packaged up a short form quality management plan for project operations this document has proved successful for ID and is acting as a guide book for our managers, supervisors as well as workshop and site crews it covers all aspects of operations and includes all necessary references to control documents and system procedures,

Our project managers and supervisors keep close control of all aspects including but not limited to

- Budget and estimation including design and specification reviews

- Contract review

- ITP development

- Scheduling

- Resource requirements

- Design engagement and reviews

- Subcontractor reviews and audits

- Subcontractor selections

- Forecasting and cost tracking

- Shop drawings and reviews

- Procurement

- Weld procedures and operator qualifications both in house and subby's

- In House Fabrication

- Offsite fabrication

- Surveillance QA

- NDT and all 3rd party weld testing

- Surface treatment and coating testing

- Storage and delivery

- Site Installation including methodologies, crane lift studies and all other client requirements

- Handover/commissioning completion onsite


- Project claims dayworks updates and variations

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